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Energy Reduction Technologies

Remote Offsite Automation

Algorithm-based Software

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence and the very latest IOT technology ...

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Real Time Energy Monitoring

Energy Reduction Technology

Our real-time monitoring technology turn commercial premises into smart ...

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Control Measurement and Targeting Software

sequential start up, on/off protocols

With data being fetched at 5 minute intervals this allows automated ...

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Refrigeration Unit Energy Saver

Saves up to 33% of energy

This retrospectively installed technology saves up to 33% of energy used ...

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Air-conditioning Energy Save

Energy Savings of up to 30%

The technology uses sensor-driven software algorithms designed to detect ...

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Intelligent Motor Energy Controllers

Energy savings of up to 50%

Energyrite’s solution introduces intelligence to existing motor driven systems ...

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Voltage Optimiser

Delivers immediate savings to all types of organisations

Most equipment works efficiently at 220v however ...

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LED Lighting

Uses 80% less energy than a conventional Halogen bulb

LED Halogen replacements improves efficiency ...

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About Us

Our Key Milestones Since 2012
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    A family run business with a Mission

    Offices in South Africa and the United Kingdom

    Our mission is to drive down energy costs, consumption and carbon footprint for organisations. By providing the best technology available, together with access to finance and grants, we provide a comprehensive range of services to clients across the commercial and institutional spectrum. If an organisation consumes and pays for energy we can help.

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    Our first client shows us the way

    A problem shared is a one halved

    As our first client we were obviously eager to please but even we weren't expecting to deliver a change of tariff that achieved savings of over 34% per month. With these savings we were then able to install real-time monitoring software that continued to reduce consumption and cost for the client.

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    Real-time data provides the answers

    Real-time monitoring software installed in 22 restaurants

    The data provided allowed us to broker a better tariff rate for the client's individual outlets. Further analysis resulted in sequential start-up processes being put in place which provided additional cost savings for the client.

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    Bigger is Better!

    Real-time monitoring achieves results

    By installing real-time monitoring software through the portfolio of our client's shopping centres we were able to use the data to select a better tariff. This provided huge savings for our client.

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    From the dark age into the light

    LED leads the way

    By migrating our client's lighting from halogen to LED we provided real-time data to the energy supplier which then allowed a re-negotiation of the energy supply tariff. The project delivered substantial cost reductions to the client.

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    Its all in the numbers

    real-time monitoring shows the way

    By installing real-time monitoring technology into our client's high turnover restaurant we were able to provide a full suite of recommendations to drastically lower energy consumption and spend; from refrigeration energy savers, sequential start-up processes to the re-negotiation of the energy tariff. Substantial savings were achieved.

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    Energyrite expands to the UK

    New office New Client

    We really do practice what we preach! By analysing the energy consumption of our new landlord's premises we are able to achieve a 30% reduction in their energy tariff, fixed for 2 years. They were so impressed we almost got a rent free period......

Case Studies

Energy reduction technology
  • "We are delighted with the results EnergyRite have been able to achieve, they have exceeded our expectations."