Tariff Verification

Our Tariff Verification process, compiles data to ensure that you are on the most cost-effective electricity tariff.

Real Time Energy Monitoring

Real-time data allows for smart business practice to manage both staff behaviour and store equipment.


We track energy as a KPI and manage by exception with the ability to report on specific time periods within a day.

Staff Behavioural Change

Energyrite will conduct a comprehensive instore training session to encourage behavioural change.

Remote Automation

Energyrite reduce store consumption by combining intelligent real-time energy monitoring devices with off-site remote automation, using latest IoT protocols.


High level daily, weekly and monthly measurement and verification reporting, with access to Energyrite’s powerful analytics platform.

Load-side Solutions

Energy saving solutions

Induction Cooker Table Set
Aircon Temperature Control
Water Meter Sensors
Smart Refrigeration Control



Proven energy savings
Affordable EMS Model
Targeted 'Energy as KPI' reporting
Accessible real-time mobile App
Class-leading analytics platform
Innovative remote automation